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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography


It is New top model of AeroDR series. AeroDR Super PREMIUM (AeroDR SYSTEM 3) was designed with input from customers worldwide to meet their most important needs.


A KonicaMinolta launched New Standard Panel the "AeroDR 2 1417S"(14×17-inch) by redesigning the current standard model(AeroDR 1417S) and ading the AeroSync function for added convenience.


It is top model of AeroDR series. AeroDR PREMIUM(AeroDR SYSTEM 2) was designed with input from customers worldwide to meet their most important needs.

AeroDR 14x17 inch flat panel detector

Most versatile model digitalize varaety of operation scienes.
Konica Minolta has 2 models.
1417HQ is high quality model and 1417S is standard model

AeroDR 10×12inch flat panel detector

Light weight and copact design.
It is ideal for orthopedic use and NICU environment.

AeroDR 17x17 inch flat panel detector

Main features are wide image field, light weight and wireless design.
It is useful to take X-ray for large body part.
Proposal operation is not only setting the panel inside wall stand or table also other positioning on the table such as thinghbone.

AeroDR NS 14x17 inch flat panel detector

AeroDR NS 1417 is a value model of AeroDR series. It is functionable and economical, and optimized for Digital upgrade in the small medical facilities.

AeroDR Portable Solution

Konica Minolta portable upgrade kit efficiently turns analogue portable X-ray into DR system.

ImagePilot AeroDR

Simple operation and all in one solution is main features.
DR console, viewing WS and image storing are integrated.

AeroDR X70

Konica Minolta integrated DR system.
X70 provide flexible, high quality X-ray imaging solution.

AeroDR Auto-stitching System

Konica Minolta unique auto-stitching system with AeroDR panel.
Our uniques technology allows you to save study time comparing to analoge operation.

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