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Country Description
Japan Gunma University Hospital is the only advanced treatment facility in Gunma Prefecture and is the largest such facility in the northern Kanto region. The Gunma Heavy-ion Medical Center began cancer treatment in March 2010 and is widely hailed both in Japan and internationally as the world's leading center for advanced research and treatment. In May 2011, an AeroDR system was installed in the heavy-ion irradiation facility that is the nucleus of the advanced treatments offered at the Center. This AeroDR system features excellent portability and durability, making treatment far easier on patients and helping to provide improved efficiency and safety. The system is particularly effective as a substitute for CR systems in everyday irradiation.
Europe The doctors Nader M. Amirfallah and Bernd Knoben run a modern radiology practice at two locations in Dortmund. The diagnostics focus in the Franziskanerstra?e is: conventional radiography, computer tomography and nuclear medicine. There are a health insurance approved public magnetic resonance tomography and a digital mammography screening centre in the Stadtkrone Ost area. X-ray film is a thing of the past in both parts of the practice. The radiologists make all X-ray images, mammography, body and extremities, with a film storage system and evaluate them on high resolution monitors.
China Rapid economic development in China has promoted medical reform. In China, with 1.2 billion people, the scale of hospitals is extraordinary. Konica Minolta image equipment for digital medical care has been introduced to many foundation hospitals with the latest facilities in major cities and has significantly contributed to the progress in medical services. We interviewed Peking Union Medical College Hospital, one of the organizations to whom we introduced our equipment and reported the latest circumstances of Chinese medical care.

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