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Konica Minolta, Inc.

Creating a future of leading−edge digital image−processing technology

The digital revolution has reached the healthcare field. Konica Minolta is serving this field with products that use the latest in digital imaging technology, and with services and solutions of the highest quality. We provide the hospital and clinic market with highly-acclaimed, high-performance X-ray digital diagnostic imaging systems that feature Computed Radiography.

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Global Healthcare

Digital imaging systems for more accurate diagnostic results

Mainly with its X-ray diagnostic imaging systems, ultrasound, and other cutting-edge diagnostic systems, Konica Minolta has led the digitalization of diagnostic imaging. By efficiently providing high-resolution, high-precision diagnostic images, we have helped to improve the accuracy and speed of diagnoses, thereby easing burdens on patients.

Principal products

  • Digital X-ray diagnostic systems (CR, DR)
  • Diagnostic ultrasound systems
  • Diagnostic medicine

Digital imaging systems

Digital imaging systems - Network Solution

Medical imaging data systems that support diagnostic activities by streamlining the management and application of digital medical image data

The adoption of digital technology in medical imaging not only improves the efficiency with which the data is stored and managed, it also brings various forms of innovation to medical diagnostic settings. For example, greater diagnostic accuracy has been obtained through the ability to enlarge or reduce images, and through access to gradation processing. Medical imaging data systems enable the retention and processing of diagnostic images. Konica Minolta provides systems capable of comprehensively managing X-ray image, CT scan, endoscopic, and other types of image data, including that generated by other companies' products.
Our systems make it possible to efficiently and effectively apply medical image data.

digital medical image data

"informity" network service incorporating cloud computing for medical data

Expectations for medical IT services employing networks are building along with advances in the application of digital technology in medical settings. Among the earliest to respond to these developing needs, Konica Minolta offers "informity" – comprehensive services supporting the adoption of medical network technology. Examples of "informity" services include remote support for diagnostic equipment, support for the sharing of information among hospitals, and the distribution of news on developments in medical regulation. Through innovations like "informity" we are helping to make the operational aspects of medicine smarter and more efficient.


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